Inviro Pest Control Services Testimonials


Great Result! Great Service!

Last  year my neighbors got bed bugs. They tried several options to get rid  of the bugs, all of which were pricey and didn't resolve the problem.  Unfortunately because I live in a condo and share a wall, the bugs moved  into my unit. I panicked! I was referred to Inviro by a family member  and it has been a wonderful experience (well, as wonderful as having bed  bugs can be!). They were super responsive to my concerns and told me  what to do to ensure the treatments they provide were most effective. I  did just what they told me and in a few months I no longer was seeing  the bugs. They did a few quarterly treatments to ensure they were in  fact gone. The price was so reasonable. What I feared would be a costly  treatment that would never end, was reasonable and in fact, did end. I  would highly recommend Inviro and will call them for any type of pest  control need in the future. And if you have a pet, they use safe  chemicals and educate you on how to best keep your pet safe during  treatment.

Taylorsville Resident, 4/10/2015

Great service, great results!

I  chose this company a little less than a year ago to take care of spring  spiders in and around our new home. I Made lots of calls to other  companies in the Sandy/Draper area and these guys impressed me from that  first call. Before an appointment was even made, they took the time to  explain the process and informed me about the products used. This  company is very knowledgeable, professional, and polite. They are a  pleasure to work with. As far as the effectiveness of their work - they  are equally great. We went for 5 months without any spiders inside our  home. We saw 1 after the 5 months then I scheduled for them to come out  again :) I am on a quarterly program and if I need them to come out,  they do, if I do not need them then, we wait - no biggie. Bottom line,  if you need any form of pest control, these are the people to call!

April, 1/20/2014

Excellent company

I have used these guys for years! They are professional and friendly and I feel safe using their product around my pets.

Wouldn't Call Anyone Else, 9/25/2013

I cannot say enough about Inviro Pest Control Services!

We  started using Inviro Pest Control a little over a year ago. At that  time we had a flying ant problem. They came in and took care of the  problem. We didn't have that problem again this year. We use their  services on a quarterly basis but have had several other problems in the  interim. Any time I have called the guys have been there the same day.  They take time to explain things and give you options. This morning a  cockroach was found crawling around. I did my best to kill it and keep  it intact e-mail a picture to Gearold. Within seconds he called me on  the phone and confirmed my fear. His guys were going to different places  but Gearold placed an urgent call to one of them and they were here in  less than an hour. Everyone at Inviro Pest Control is pleasant and takes  our issues very seriously. From rodents to roaches Inviro Pest Control  Services will get it taken care of!Thanks guys!!

Dog Trainer, 10/21/2013

What a great deal!

With  all this rain lately, my home has been invaded by multiple pests. I  called Inviro Pest Control. They explained the types of services they  offer and I chose a quarterly pest service so the service can be  guaranteed. The office and the technician was very responsive and  friendly. I'm extremely satisfied. The cost was much lower than many  companies out there, $80 fixed pricing nobody does that anymore. Nicole

Nicole, 9/17/2013

Awesome customer service.

The  service people are very knowledgeable, friendly, and trustworthy. I  needed to get rid of some spiders, earwigs, and centipede looking bugs.  They sprayed their product, which was odorless and didn't stain my  carpets, and all I ever see now is dead bugs. They even do the yard.  Love the people and the service and love the fact that my satisfaction  is guaranteed!

Emma, 5/16/2013

the best!

I'm  so glad we found this company! They were knowledgeable, honest,  friendly and prompt and took care of our termite problem so quickly. And  I love that their products are safer than most. Thank you, Gearold! I  will be recommending this company to anyone and everyone.

Rebekah, 10/16/2012

Trustworthy and Reliable

We  had a yellowjacket problem which we tried to take care of ourselves.  After 9 stings and one trip to the instacare for an allergic reaction to  wasp stings, we called Inviro Pest Control Services to ask if they  could help us. Our back yard is Certified as a Natural Wildlife Habitat  and we were worried about what they would do to get rid of the problem.  Gearold and his crew came by and eliminated our worries and our wasps  problem, using enviromentally friendly products. They will be the first  and only ones we call if we ever have another pest problem again.

Jim and Laurie, 8/28/2012

Awesome service!

We  had a visit from Gearold from Inviro Pest Control this week, worried  about a termite problem. I called them Sunday to leave a message, even  though the office was closed. Gearold called me back a few minutes  later, just to learn more about what I'd seen and to reassure me that it  probably wasn't termites. We then set an appointment for the next  morning. He was curteous and thorough, and he found a potential problem  area we wouldn't have even known to look for. He was also honest, not  trying to sell any services- he didn't think we need anything right now.  I'd recommend Inviro to anyone!

Liz, 5/2/2012

Best pest control this side of the Mississippi!

Gearold  is the Greatest! He found our bed beg problem even though our  infestation was so small... NO ONE ELSE would find it! He thinks outside  of the box instead of showing up and giving a prescribed treatment.  Informative, Fair, Honest, and Through! I recommend him any day over a  large company. THIS is the Man you want treating your house!!!

Lauren, 4/21/2012

Highly recommend! By

We  have had Gearold and his crew out a couple times since we bought our  house and he is always very reliable and courteous. He even spent most  of last summer helping us trouble-shoot an ant problem we had in our  garden, while making sure the products he used would not transfer to the  plants. Inviro is the way to go!

Lena, 4/10/2012

Excellent service and greatest price in town!! By

We  had a huge problem at my house with tons of spiders, ear wigs, stink  bugs, etc. infesting every last area of my place. I talked it all over  with Gearold McCoy at Inviro Pest Control and he sent out an agent to  spray my household. They did an excellent job and within a week or so  the critters were non-existent! It was amazing! I highly reccomend this  company over others due to the friendly, quick, and cheap services that  were rendered to us. :)

Steve W., 2/16/2012

The Best Spider Slayer Ever!!

We  had bugs, spiders (black widows), bees, wasps, etc., everywhere. Our  kids and grandkids were nervous about coming over. He was very thorough  and treated every nook and cranny inside and out. Since then, we haven't  seen anything. Our Daughter also uses his services and also swears by  Inviro Pest Control.

Grandma Mona, 11/19/2011

Best of the Best!

I  was referred to IPCS by my son for ridding my house of spiders and  earwigs, and have been using them for years. This past year I was having  problems with Moles or Gophers in my back yard and called them to see  if they could get rid of them. They came and used their safe products  just once and no more problem. I would refer them to all my friends and  family.

Best of the Best!, 11/15/2011

Best Bug Killer Around!!

I  have been using Inviro Pest Control for years. They are the best at  keeping the bugs out of my house and shed. Would recommend them to  anyone and everyone.

Jeff, 11/13/2011

Love It

I  love Inviro Pest Control. They are wonderful! They are friendly,  professional and they have a great environmentally friendly product that  is safe for kids and pets. It works great! We've definitely noticed a  huge difference in the amount of bugs in our condo, not to mention they  beat competitors prices! I have referred them on to friends and family  and will continue to do so! Thanks Inviro Pest Control!

Rachel, 11/10/2011

Greatful customers

I  have had Inviro Pest Control take care of my bugs, etc for a number of  years. They do an excellent job. When we first started using them we had  the small sugar ants in a bazaare place that we could not figure out  where they were coming from and Inviro found them and got rid of them.  Hornets can be a real issue around our pool in the summer and they keep  them down to a minimum for us. We have recommended them to many people.  Now there are quite a few of our neighbors that use them too.

happy customers, 11/10/2011

The very best!

I  would recommend Inviro Pest Control to anyone! They are so efficient  and I don't worry at all about my baby crawling around right after they  have sprayed because it is so safe. My favorite thing about this company  is that they call you to set up another appointment once the spray  starts wearing off. It always amazes me that if I start seeing spiders  in my house (only dead ones by the doorways) IPC calls within a day or  two to come spray again. It's awesome that they know exactly how long  the spray is going to last and I don't have to worry about keeping track  of how long it's been. They are all so friendly and I don't worry about  having them in my house.

Bug Hater, 11/10/2011

Great combination of quality work with great customer service

I  have used Inviro Pest Control at work and at home, and have nothing but  great things to say about them. They are very knowledgeable and perform  their work with great efficiency. Everyone we have worked with has been  very pleasant and given me nothing but a perception of professionalism  and a feeling of trust.

Inviro Fan, 11/9/2011

very clean and prompt by

Inviro  is the safest pest control company that I've found. They are a smaller  business and you can tell by how they treat you like individuals. They  are very fair and the stuff they spray works.

a good customer, 11/9/2011

Genuine customer care

I  just got off the phone with these guys, they were so nice! I just  bought a home and found a few bugs inside. I called, they said to e mail  a picture of the bug, and within 5 minutes he called me back and  reassured me there was no problem, just a few beetles trying to get out  of the cold. I called a few other places in the valley that told me they  could have someone call me back "as early as tomorrow" but no one could  help me tonight. I felt like I was calling my neighbor, not a business.  That kind of customer care is invaluable. Should I come across a bug  crisis in the future, I won't call anyone else!

Melissa, 11/7/2011

All About the Safety in Bountiful!! They are Awesome!!

We  have been with Inviro Pest for 4 years now. They spray the outside and  inside of our home. I am incredibly careful with anything that has to do  with safety. My family's well being is everything to me!! I have 100%  confidence in their work. We hate live spiders, and thanks to Inviro we  don't have them anymore. They are a company that I would recommend to  anyone, and I have! Keep up the great work !!

by a super safe mom, 9/8/2011

great service!

They were very informational, and didn't just try to rob us blind. Thank you for being an awsome company.

punky, 6/6/2011

INVIRO Pest control

INVIRO  Pest control was not only Professional, prompt & courteous. They  came in and was pleasant & respectful to myself, my grandchildren  & our barking dogs. I would highly recommend them to all my friends  and family.Thank You for the amazing job you did and we will be calling  to have you come spray for us again. Thank you again for the Prompt  & Professional service you gave us!

Juanita Martinez, 5/6/2011

Inviro Pest Control is really the best. They are trustworthy!!!!!!!

Before  I hired INVIRO Pest control to spray my buildings I had 3 different  pest control companies that would just not get the job done. They are  well known companies. They did not back up their work or their word.  They watered down there product or didn't even spray at all but would  charge for a service. I would constantly have to call these other  companies back time after time after time to spray. NOT with INVIRO pest  control. I am so happy I found INVIRO. They do the job once and it's  done, if there is an issue, I just call and they are right there &  easy to work with.I have only called them back ONCE in SEVEN  years.Inviro-pest control has a large account with my company. I have  used them for 7 years with NO issues. They spray up to 32 of my large  buildings throughout the state.The owner is so confident in his company  that he backs up his work and word. You never have to worry about  getting ripped off . It will not happen!!Use them! You will be happy you  did!!

Laffytaffy, 5/6/2011

Inviro Pest Control - Great Service

I  used a national company before I switched to Inviro Pest Control.  Inviro's service is a difference of night and day. The technician that  comes to my house is very knowledgeable and can answer questions.  Honest, reasonable price and great products.

Jeanette, 5/2/2011


These  guys are outstanding! They are prompt, effective and friendly. We have  been using them for a few years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. The  service team at Inviro Pest Control seems to really care about their  customers.

lilflurerfam, 4/27/2011

You won't go wrong

We  have been using Inviro Pest for over 5 years. They are an excellent  company. Reliable, contact you when you need another service and most  important come back with no questions asked if you see a spider or any  problem in your home within their warranty period. You will not go wrong  in choosing this company to provide your pest control service.

lkmoly, 4/25/2011

Great Company

Gerald and his crew are great. Very affordable and dependable. Would recoment them to everyone

Jami S, 4/20/2011

Kid friendly

Can  you believe it I found a kid friendly pest control company. They were  more concerned about my kids safety than any company I called. Any  company that can do a church and an elementary school and nursing homes  gets my business especially at such a great price.

kids first, 4/20/2011

Wow I am so impressed.

I  found ants in my kitchen. They came when I was in a panic. They did a  whole lot more than other companies said they would do. Can you believe  they gave me a great price and they also had a coupon on their website?

allsmiles, 4/20/2011

Safe products and great staff

There  staff was very informed very knowledgeable. I have used other companies  in the past and this company stands out above the rest. It's true big  things come in small packages. I like to support local companies vs.  national chains. To top it off their prices were less expensive than the  national chains and they did more than they said they would do.

Kristin, 4/20/2011

Thank You Inviro Pest Control

I  am the mother of 5 children and I am not a fan of bugs. This spring I  have started seeing spiders and ants in my house. I looked up Inviro  Pest Control and was immediately impressed by their name. I was looking  for an eco friendly company with eco friendly products. Their staff was  very friendly and the owner made me laugh. I was so impressed with their  customer service that I signed up for a years worth of service. After  they serviced my house I was completely satisfied.

A satisfied customer, 4/20/2011

Inviro Pest Control

Excellent service, honest, reasonable price and best products

Karen, 4/19/2011


This  company has gone out of the way to make sure I and my home is done  well. and the best part is their prices they are within my budget and  they do great. I went with their yearly package and had to call back  when I found new gofer mounds, and with out any problems they came out  without me having to pay extra!!! OH and the owner is very funny and  nice too!!!

Diana S., 4/19/2011

What a pleasure to work with such compassionate professionals.

This  company has truly gone the extra mile for us. I have had Orkin and  Truly Nolen in the past and they hold no candle to these home town  professionals who really care about the people they are serving. You  will not regret calling these guys! They are honest, reasonable,  extremely knowledgeable, and very kind!

J, 4/11/2011

Satisfied customer

I  called with some pest questions. They told me all I needed to know and  more! I ended up not needing their services at this time because my pest  had run through its course and died, however they helped me with a  solution to not have a re-infestation. I will definitely call when I  need pest control again. Don't we all need it at one time or  another?Thanks so much!

Cindy, 1/3/2011

The Best

Garald  and his staff are some of the friendliest people you would ever let  come into your home. They are very respectful and great people in  general to b around. They make you feel comfortable and the service is  excellent! The home brand mix that they use def makes a difference. They  have been taking care of me for 4 yrs and it has been wonderful. If you  have kids or pets, no need to worry about it being harmful and the  product still does the job. Thanks Garald for your humor and loving  spirit! The Richards Family

customer, 3/23/2010

Thank you so much!

I  was so impressed by the quality of service I received from this  company! I recommend their knowledge of environmentally friendly ways to  rid my house of pests. As a nurse and a mother, this was a comfort to  me.

Lu, 2/28/2010

Thank You

I  just need to thank you and your staff for the quality service you  performed on my house last week. Your staff was incredibly friendly and  professional. They took care of my needs and I felt a sense of relief  that the rodents were taken care of. I also like the fact that you use  eco-friendly products. It's nice to know that you are thinking of the  environment and the safety of my family. Thank you so much.

A satisfied customer, 2/28/2010