Yes there are Termites in Utah:


Subterranean Termites are the most common in the Salt Lake Valley.
Termites  are a real problem in Utah but as luck & weather would have it, Its  not near as bad as other parts of the country.  Its important to have  your home or business inspected ever so often in hopes of catching  damage early.

Termite Services:

There is know easy way to services a home or business for termites without the uses of some form of chemicals,
We at Inviro pest control have spent a great deal of time and money in finding the safes ways in servicing for termite. 
We believe each building must be treated to meet it own needs, And there is know cookie cutter ways of treating.

Products used: 

Since starting my own company years ago I have only used environmentally friendly products.
Such As: Tim-bor, Bora Care, Above ground treatments only.
Each building must be treated individual & never forget no services is the same. 
We offer a guarantee on all termite services. With a annual renewal fee